Rhode Island International Group (“RIIG”) was formed primarily to bridge the state of Rhode Island and surrounding region with opportunities in international business and trade. We are dedicated to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties - RI and internationally based - for each project and transaction we participate in.

I. For RI companies and organizations seeking greater insight and access to international markets, we provide service in the following areas:

Market Entry & Expansion

Growing your business abroad involves understanding and navigating the rules and regulations of a different country, and often forming strategic partnerships or joint ventures. We can help you research the options and issues, form an appropriate strategy, and implement your plan, and provide alliance management and related professional services to help ensure the success of your international collaborations.  We can assist with any aspect of your trade mission facilitation in the countries in which we work.

Digital Marketing & Promotion

We can help you localize, translate and promote your web content to maximize its effectiveness in helping you generate new leads and customers. We can also work with you to develop bespoke campaign strategies and plans. Promotional channels can include in-country Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Website Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Investment Sourcing

We help Rhode Island firms seeking access to growth capital, helping to identify potential investors with whom they might wish to negotiate, using our extensive network of international investors.   While we do not advise on investments or provide any brokerage services in association with the negotiation or finalization of any investment transactions, we refer Rhode Island entities to international investors that might be interested in their proposed investment.  To discuss your interests, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request our project information form.

Trade Mission Facilitation

Trade missions are complex undertakings that strive to bring together officials and company representatives from a visiting country with appropriate counterparts in the host country. We can advise on trade mission strategy, plan and execution to ensure maximum value is delivered for all participant

II. For international firms and individuals (i.e. non-US citizens) seeking RI/US trade, investment and related US immigration opportunities, we provide service in the following areas:

• Sourcing Products & Suppliers Across Key Industries

• Sourcing Investment opportunities (for non-US citizens and SEC defined “qualified investors” only)

• Trade Mission facilitation

• Tourism facilitation

• Plan and coordinate secondary school and University visits, and provide networks, advice and support on admissions process

• Real Estate Purchasing

• Access to financial services through our Member companies in Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Securities Brokerage

• Investment immigration (EB-5, L1 visas, investment project sourcing and due diligence)

• Relocation (e.g. purchasing a new home, physical move, finding schools for children, accessing local services as needed)

III. For both Rhode Island-based and international companies and organizations, RIIG adds valuable experience with green business solutions under its signature "R2G" (Return to Green) program. We have deep expertise in helping companies reduce energy costs, waste, and carbon footprint. The green side of business makes both economic and environmental sense, and can help companies and their investors realize a greater profit while contributing to a healthier environment and better quality of life for everyone.