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  1. To develop a framework for assessing eco-efficiency throughout Arpin Group, the company secured the services of an environmental consultant in 2009. Since that time, Arpin has cultivated numerous green initiatives across all business lines as listed below. The corollary of these initiatives is that Arpin can use this eco-efficiency information to help it to continue to achieve sustainability as it relates to its core business of moving and storage.
  2. In March 2012, Arpin Group completed a year-long construction and green renovation project. The new and renovated facilities reflect the commitment of the company to continue to grow responsibly by taking full advantage of innovative, emerging green technologies. A significant investment was made to increase the efficiency of the critical components of the building’s infrastructure including:
    • The addition of new, insulated solar reflective windows to prevent heat gain while maximizing the use of natural daylight; consequently, the majority of employee workstations have an outdoor view.
    • Replacing all rooftop mechanical HVAC units with new energy-efficient systems.
    • Installing radiant heat in its sky bridge to minimize drafts between connected buildings on both levels.
    • Installing new lighting and occupancy sensors to maximize energy efficiency. This effort will allow the company to reduce greenhouse gases (CO2) by 299,245 lb. or 136mT annually. The estimated annual savings are 272,040.62 KWH and $31,400.
    • Replacing all restroom facets with auto-sensors and Xlerator air hand dryers.
    • Utilizing green materials in all new flooring.
    • Installing new furniture workstations company-wide which are made of recycled content.
    • Installing a new state-of-the-art 174kW solar array on the company’s underutilized warehouse rooftop. The Solyndra photovoltaic rooftop system has 912 solar modules covering approximately 100,000 square feet. The clean energy system is expected to supply more than 40% of the energy necessary to operate both buildings located on the Arpin campus.
    • Replacing all roofing on the office building and warehouse with a highly reflective roof membrane that reduces heat gain and maximizes reflective light capture.

The capital improvements made will be funded through the energy savings realized.

  1. Arpin Group participates in a green business roundtable to discuss sustainability issues and environmental best practice with other company’s located within the West Warwick Business Park, the location of Arpin’s world headquarters. Topics of discussion are focused upon energy efficiency, controlling the environmental impact of operations, community outreach and education, improving environmental performance, and setting environmental objectives and targets to achieve. The objective of the roundtable sessions is to spur “out of the box” best practice sharing which participating companies can interpret and implement internally based on the nature of their business.  
  2. Arpin Group installed the first electric car charging station in Rhode Island to provide drivers of plug-in electric and hybrid cars with a place to receive a booster charge. Arpin is providing the service to the public free of charge and considers this a first step towards building Rhode Island’s electric vehicle infrastructure.
  3. Arpin Group’s corporate headquarters has accomplished a zero waste output from any move serviced. Every element (i.e., cardboard, paper, etc.) is recycled and does not end up in a landfill.  And, the company only purchases packing materials and supplies from companies that support sustainable forestry. The company began rolling out this program nationwide in 2009.
  4. Understanding that the world's natural resources are limited and fragile, Arpin Group, through its subsidiary Arpin Broadcast Network, is taking an innovative, proactive approach to helping companies and individuals progress toward sustainable development. The product of a two-year project launched in 2011, ReNewable Now, is an eco-conscious, interactive talk show series dedicated to the “Business Side of Green.” The show airs each Saturday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. on WLNE - ABC6 and Sunday on the Live Well Network; a live call-in version is broadcast on WARL 1320 AM on Wednesday at 12 p.m.; all shows are archived and previous broadcasts can be viewed here
    Hosted by Peter Arpin, Arpin Group’s Executive Vice President, the goal of the programming is to help educate companies and individuals around the world on how to develop a plan to achieve sustainable development. To accomplish this, ReNewable Now’s public affairs forum talks to many people, both inside and outside companies, who are responsible for or interested in eco-efficiency. The programming is working towards helping others forge the link between environmental and economic performance which is essential for sustainable development.
  5. Arpin Group is committed to achieving a sustainable green fleet. To this end, it established an R&D company, Arpin Renewable Energy, to create innovative solutions to further reduce its carbon footprint. Currently, the company is working with a team of scientists to retrofit its fleet of trailers with solar collection panels and miniature wind turbines. The energy generated will feed a unit’s batteries and eliminate all idling—an incredible reduction in emissions.
    The company is also making further strides by investing in fuel efficient hybrid vehicles, exploring alternative fuel sources to power its fleet such as biofuels, natural gas, hydrogen, and fuel cells, and implementing pre-route planning to achieve the highest fuel efficiencies.
  6. To help members of Arpin’s agency family prepare for the “green economy,” the company established a green rating system to assist individual offices worldwide practice environmental stewardship. The system’s participation levels include wind, sun, and earth and outline criteria and benefits for achieving each level. Arpin also provides assistance with planning, marketing, financing, etc., to those agents seeking to expand their environmental-related initiatives to the earth level—the highest level of achievement in the Arpin system. However, it is mandatory that all members of its agency family achieve, at minimum, wind level which includes (i) the recycling of all plastic bottles, cans, glass, ink and toner cartridges, and office paper; (ii) using only paper manufactured with at least 30% post consumer fibers for printing; and (iii) each agent must accomplish a zero-waste output from all moves performed under Arpin’s Operating Authority.
    Additionally, a manual and resource materials outlining a step-by-step process of “How to Build Your Own Successful E-waste Collection Event” is provided to all members of Arpin’s agency family. Ongoing support to help agents promote the event in their local communities and the media is also provided.
  7. To date, Arpin Group has hosted seven e-waste recycling collections. The collections netted over 92,000 pounds of e-waste which would have otherwise been sent to the Central Landfill. Collected items were reused or disposed of properly. In addition, voluntary donations totaling over $8,000 were collected to benefit Rhode Island’s Save The Bay, Audubon Society of RI, and The Artic Mission non-profit organizations.
  8. Arpin Group has partnered with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, the world’s largest junk removal service, to help our customers obtain a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to de-cluttering their home prior to moving. Through our partnership, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers removal of almost anything including furniture, appliances, office furniture, e-waste, and more. More than 60% of the items they remove are recycled, minimizing the amount of items sent to a landfill. Moreover, by reducing the amount of items to be moved, a customer can potentially save approximately $600 on a small interstate move upwards to $5,000 on a large, international shipment.
  9. The company has implemented a “Green Loan” program for its employees, making it possible for them to receive loans at low interest rates for energy-saving home improvements and hybrid automobile purchases.
  10. Arpin Group has joined the EPA’s SmartWay program as a logistics company (Arpin International Group) and is working towards joining as a carrier (Arpin Van Lines). SmartWay is an innovative approach to addressing the U.S. EPA’s environmental mandates and involves working with diverse partners to help identify products and services that reduce transportation-related emissions.
  11. All Arpin Group companies use only recycled paper containing at minimum, 30% post consumer fibers for printing. The company also offers paperless payroll processing giving its employees the option of using direct deposit or iPay cards as an alternative to traditional printed pay checks.
  12. By investing over $2M in IT upgrades, Arpin Group has virtually eliminated the need for internal and external printing with our customers and vendors. We are well on our way to becoming a paperless company.
  13. All Arpin Group locations recycle cans and glass.
  14. All Arpin Group companies buy and distribute only earth-friendly promotional products such as coffee mugs and letter openers made from 100% U.S.-grown corn, clothing made from organic materials, etc.
  15. Arpin Group hosted the “Green Invitational Expo” during its 2009 annual convention held in Arizona. The day-long event was the first sustainable energy conference presented by a leader in the moving and storage industry. The venue provided a forum for members of Arpin’s agency family and business leaders to exchange ideas, share their sustainability mission and vision, and to identify areas within the current economic structure where they believe there is capacity and opportunity for growth and success utilizing a more responsible and long-sighted approach.
  16. In 2009, Arpin International Group reduced its emissions of carbon dioxide by 7%  or 485 mT tin comparison to 2008 which is equal to 2,205 lbs.
  17. Following the completion of a multi-million dollar construction project of its corporate headquarters, Arpin Group is planning to work with a company to facilitate a composting and gardening project on its grounds. The framework of the on-going program will bring together landscape and horticultural experts with company employees in a fun, interactive, and meaningful setting. The unique program will utilize the latest research to help employees develop and grow low maintenance, beautiful gardens with minimal use of pesticides on the grounds of the company’s headquarters. The mission of the program is to interconnect “best practices” in sustainable gardening by using the company’s surroundings as a context for learning and to showcase their employees gardening talents
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