Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What services does RIIG provide


We advise our international clients regarding their outbound trade, investment and immigration objectives, connect them with RI opportunities and partners, and serve as alliance managers with the goal of achieving successful outcomes for all parties in each project and transaction.


RIIG offers RI firms and organizations seeking greater insight and access to international markets a turnkey solution including market research, market entry and strategic planning, due diligence, deal sourcing, partnership building, trade mission support, in-country operational and legal support, alliance management, green business solutions, and digital marketing. RIIG also helps firms find investment from international sources.  

Q? I'm a RI/US-based organization and I want more international customers right now. How can RIIG help me


By becoming a RIIG Member, you can gain the benefit of establishing an internationally focused, multilingual web presence. We can also help source international customers on your behalf. A digital marketing solution as a simple starting point may be an effective near-term solution. Providing your company and product information in the language of your target market is key, and the Web is one of the best and least costly ways to reach your international customers. RIIG can help you plan and implement a digital marketing campaign that could include some or all of the following: mini-site and landing page creation, content localization/translation, lead generation, search engine marketing, affiliate site marketing, and social media marketing.

Q? Is RIIG a state government agency


No, we are a privately held company. But we do share goals in common and partner with RI government agencies and non-profit organizations working to retain and grow jobs in RI, and further develop the RI economy.

Q? Where are RIIG's offices


RIIG's headquarters office is located in Providence, Rhode Island. RIIG has also established an office in Beijing, China.

Q? I may be interested in exploring your services further - where do I begin


Please send an inquiry by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please provide a brief description of your company or organization, and the business issue you would like us to assist you with, including the country/international market you are focused on. We will reply as soon as possible.